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The Norwest Bend Formation: Implications for the evolution of Neogene drainage in southeastern Australia

John A Miranda, Malcolm W Wallace, Sandra McLaren



Strontium isotope data indicate that sediments of the Norwest Bend Formation were deposited within a large estuarine system during the Latest Miocene to Early Pliocene (probably > 5 Ma). The Norwest Bend Formation is divisible into two members; a lower sand-dominated member and an upper oyster coquina member. These two units are separated by an irregular, erosion surface that has no correlative within the adjacent Loxton-Parilla Sands. Tectonism in the western Murray Basin adjacent to the Adelaide Foldbelt has exerted a considerable control over the formation of these estuarine sediments. The Lower Norwest Bend Formation occupies a paleodrainage system that was restricted to a region west of..

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