Journal article

Glutathionyl haemoglobin is not increased in diabetes nor related to glycaemia, complications, dyslipidaemia, inflammation or other measures of oxidative stress.

Peter Hoffmann, Jade Woon, Kevin G Rowley, Connie Karschimkus, Craig L Nelson, George Dragicevic, David O'Neal, Andrew Wilson, Kevin D Croft, Trevor A Mori, Bruce E Kemp, James D Best, Alicia J Jenkins

Diabetes Res Clin Pract | Published : 2008


Modified haemoglobin levels were quantified in 21 Type 1 and 21 Type 2 diabetic patients and two groups of 17 non-diabetic subjects. Glycated haemoglobin levels were increased in diabetes but glutathionyl haemoglobin (HbSSG) levels did not differ between groups, nor by complications; nor correlate with haemoglobin glycation or vascular risk factors.