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Measurement of branching fractions, isospin, and CP-violating asymmetries for exclusive b -> d gamma modes

N Taniguchi, M Nakao, S Nishida, I Adachi, H Aihara, K Arinstein, T Aushev, T Aziz, AM Bakich, V Balagura, A Bay, K Belous, V Bhardwaj, U Bitenc, A Bondar, A Bozek, M Bracko, TE Browder, M-C Chang, P Chang Show all



We report new measurements of the decays B+-->rho+gamma, B0-->rho0gamma, and B0-->omegagamma using a data sample of 657x10(6) B meson pairs accumulated with the Belle detector at the KEKB e+e- collider. We measure branching fractions B(B+-->rho+gamma)=(8.7_-2.7-1.1;+2.9+0.9)x10(-7), B(B0-->rho0gamma)=(7.8_-1.6-1.0;+1.7+0.9)x10(-7), and B(B0-->omegagamma)=(4.0_-1.7;+1.9+/-1.3)x10(-7). We also report the isospin asymmetry Delta(rhogamma)=-0.48_-0.19-0.09;+0.21+0.08 and the first measurement of the direct CP-violating asymmetry ACP(B+-->rho+gamma)=-0.11+/-0.32+/-0.09, where the first and second errors are statistical and systematic, respectively.


Funding Acknowledgements

We thank the KEKB group for excellent operation of the accelerator, the KEK cryogenics group for efficient solenoid operations, and the KEK computer group and the NII for valuable computing and SINET3 network support. We acknowledge support from MEXT and JSPS (Japan); ARC and DEST (Australia); NSFC and KIP of CAS (China); DST (India); MOEHRD, KOSEF, and KRF (Korea); KBN (Poland); MES and RFAAE (Russia); ARRS (Slovenia); SNSF (Switzerland); NSC and MOE (Taiwan); and DOE (USA).