Journal article

Deterministic optical quantum computer using photonic modules

Ashley M Stephens, Zachary WE Evans, Simon J Devitt, Andrew D Greentree, Austin G Fowler, William J Munro, Jeremy L O'Brien, Kae Nemoto, Lloyd CL Hollenberg



The optical quantum computer is one of the few experimental systems to have demonstrated small scale quantum information processing. Making use of cavity quantum electrodynamics approaches to operator measurements, we detail an optical network for the deterministic preparation of arbitrarily large two-dimensional cluster states. We show that this network can form the basis of a large scale deterministic optical quantum computer that can be fabricated entirely on chip. © 2008 The American Physical Society.


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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors acknowledge helpful discussions with C. Myers, T. Ralph, C.- H. Su, and T. Tilma. S. J. D., W. J. M., and K. N. acknowledge the support of QAP and MEXT. A. M. S., Z. W. E. E., A. D. G., and L. C. L. H. acknowledge the support of the Australian Research Council (ARC), the U. S. National Security Agency (NSA), and the Army Research Office (ARO) under Contract No. W911NF-04-1-0290. A. D. G. acknowledges support from Australian Research Council (Contract No. DP0880466). L. C. L. H. acknowledges support from Australian Research Council (Contract No. DP0770715).