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Spatial variability of nitrous oxide emissions from an Australian irrigated dairy pasture

DA Turner, D Chen, IE Galbally, R Leuning, RB Edis, Y Li, K Kelly, F Phillips

PLANT AND SOIL | SPRINGER | Published : 2008


Understanding spatial variability of emissions of nitrous oxide (N 2O) is essential to understanding of N2O emissions from soils to the atmosphere and in the design of statistically valid measurement programs to determine plot, farm and regional emission rates. Two afternoon, 'snap-shot' experiments were conducted; one in the summer and one in the autumn of 2004, to examine the statistics and soil variables affecting the spatial variability of N2O emissions at paddock scale. Small, static chambers (mini-chambers) were placed at 100 locations over an 8,100 m2 area of irrigated dairy pasture in northern Victoria, Australia. Chamber headspace was sampled for N2O and soil samples taken below eac..

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