Journal article

RNA expression Microarray analysis in mouse prospermatogonia: Identification of candidate epigenetic modifiers

Christophe Lefevre, Jeffrey R Mann

Developmental Dynamics | WILEY-BLACKWELL | Published : 2008


The mammalian totipotent and pluripotent lineage exhibits genome-wide dynamics with respect to DNA methylation content. The first phase of global DNA demethylation and de novo remethylation occurs during preimplantation development and gastrulation, respectively, while the second phase occurs in primordial germ cells and primary oocytes/prospermatogonia, respectively. These dynamics are indicative of a comprehensive epigenetic resetting or reprogramming of the genome in preparation for major differentiation events. To gain further insight into the mechanisms driving DNA methylation dynamics and other types of epigenetic modification, we performed an RNA expression microarray analysis of feta..

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