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Three-dimensional imaging in double aberration-corrected scanning confocal electron microscopy, Part II: Inelastic scattering

AJ D'Alfonso, EC Cosgriff, SD Findlay, G Behan, AI Kirkland, PD Nellist, LJ Allen



The implementation of spherical aberration-corrected pre- and post-specimen lenses in the same instrument has facilitated the creation of sub-Angstrom electron probes and has made aberration-corrected scanning confocal electron microscopy (SCEM) possible. Further to the discussion of elastic SCEM imaging in our previous paper, we show that by performing a 3D raster scan through a crystalline sample using inelastic SCEM imaging it will be possible to determine the location of isolated impurity atoms embedded within a bulk matrix. In particular, the use of electron energy loss spectroscopy based on inner-shell ionization to uniquely identify these atoms is explored. Comparisons with scanning t..

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