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Three-dimensional imaging using aberration-corrected scanning transmission and confocal electron microscopy

EC Cosgriff, AJ D'Alfonso, LJ Allen, SD Findlay, AI Kirkland, PD Nellist

Journal of Physics: Conference Series | Published : 2008


A reduction in the focal depth of field as a result of the installation of aberration correctors in scanning transmission electron microscopy, allows three-dimensional information to be retrieved by optical depth sectioning. A three-dimensional representation of the specimen is achieved by recording a series of images over a range of focal values. Optical depth sectioning in zone-axis crystals is explored computationally using a Bloch wave analysis to explain the form of the electron intensity in the crystal as a function of depth. We find that the intensity maximum deviates from that of the expected defocus value due to pre-focusing by the atomic column and also due to channelling pendellos..

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