Journal article

Simulating pasture growth rates in Australian and New Zealand grazing systems

BR Cullen, RJ Eckard, MN Callow, IR Johnson, DF Chapman, RP Rawnsley, SC Garcia, T White, VO Snow

Australian Journal of Agricultural Research | CSIRO PUBLISHING | Published : 2008


DairyMod, EcoMod, and the SGS Pasture Model are mechanistic biophysical models developed to explore scenarios in grazing systems. The aim of this manuscript was to test the ability of the models to simulate net herbage accumulation rates of ryegrass-based pastures across a range of environments and pasture management systems in Australia and New Zealand. Measured monthly net herbage accumulation rate and accumulated yield data were collated from ten grazing system experiments at eight sites ranging from cool temperate to subtropical environments. The local climate, soil, pasture species, and management (N fertiliser, irrigation, and grazing or cutting pattern) were described in the model for..

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