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Measurements of the x-ray mass-attenuation coefficient and imaginary component of the form factor of copper

JL Glover, CT Chantler, Z Barnea, NA Rae, CQ Tran, DC Creagh, D Paterson, BB Dhal



The x-ray mass-attenuation coefficient of copper was measured at 108 energies between 5 and 20 keV using synchrotron radiation. The measurements are accurate to between 0.09 and 4.5%, with most measurements being accurate to better than 0.12%. The imaginary component of the form factor of copper was also determined after subtracting the attenuation contribution due to scattering. Measurements were made over an extended range of experimental parameter space, allowing us to correct for several systematic errors present in the data. These results represent the most extensive and accurate dataset of their type for copper in the literature and include the important and widely studied region of th..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We wish to acknowledge developmental work of Martin D. de Jonge on XERT analysis techniques including the full-foil mapping technique. We also wish to acknowledge the assistance of the beamline staff, Garry Foran and David Cookson, during the experiment at the Photon Factory (ANBF). This work was supported by the Australian Synchrotron Research Program, which is funded by the Commonwealth of Australia under the Major National Research Facilities Program, and by grants of the Australian Research Council.