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Primary tumour expression of the cysteine cathepsin inhibitor Stefin A inhibits distant metastasis in breast cancer

BS Parker, DR Ciocca, BN Bidwell, FE Gago, MA Fanelli, J George, JL Slavin, A Moller, R Steel, N Pouliot, BL Eckhardt, MA Henderson, RL Anderson



Using the clinically relevant 4T1-derived syngeneic murine model of spontaneous mammary metastasis to bone, we have identified the cysteine cathepsin inhibitor Stefin A as a gene differentially expressed in primary and metastatic mammary tumours. In primary tumours, Stefin A expression correlated inversely with metastatic potential in 4T1-derived lines and was not detected in tumour cells in culture, indicating induction only within the tumour microenvironment. Enforced expression of Stefin A in the highly metastatic 4T1.2 cell line significantly reduced spontaneous bone metastasis following orthotopic injection into the mammary gland. Consistent with the mouse data, Stefin A expression corr..

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