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A 40 GHz power efficient static CML frequency divider in 0.13-μm CMOS technology for high speed millimeter-wave wireless systems

Y Mo, E Skafidas, R Evans, I Mareels

2008 4th IEEE International Conference on Circuits and Systems for Communications, ICCSC | Published : 2008


Millimeter-wave communication systems are now receiving significant interest. One of the applications of these systems is for short range communication delivering multi-gigabit per second performance. An important component in these high speed communication systems is the frequency synthesis where the internally generated high frequency voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) output is stabilized by comparing it to a low frequency and low phase noise external crystal. In order to compare and stabilize the output, frequency dividers are utilized in the phase locked loop. Current Mode Logic (CML) dividers provide reasonably large division bandwidth, which can match the VCO's wide-range output freq..

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