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Cenozoic Eucla Basin and associated palaeovalleys, southern Australia - Climatic and tectonic influences on landscape evolution, sedimentation and heavy mineral accumulation

B Hou, LA Frakes, M Sandiford, L Worrall, J Keeling, NF Alley



The Eucla Basin including the vast Nullarbor Plain lies on the margins of the Yilgarn, Musgrave and Gawler cratons in southern Australia and owes its distinctive landscape to a unique set of interactions between eustatic, climatic and tectonic processes over the last ~ 50 Ma. Understanding of the history of the basin and the palaeovalleys that drained from the surrounding cratons are important because they contain major mineral deposits, and the sediments derived from them contain remobilised gold, uranium, and heavy minerals. In particular, a remarkably preserved palaeoshoreline sequence along the north-eastern margin of the Eucla Basin is highly prospective for heavy mineral placer deposit..

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