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An fMRI study of prefrontal brain activation during multiple tasks in patients with major depressive disorder

Paul B Fitzgerald, Anusha Srithiran, Jessica Benitez, Zafiris Z Daskalakis, Tom J Oxley, Jayashri Kulkarni, Gary F Egan



OBJECTIVE: Previous research has provided conflicting information regarding the pattern of brain activation associated with cognitive performance in depressed people. We aimed to assess brain activation related to cognitive performance during planning and working memory tasks. METHOD: fMRI scans were conducted using a modified Tower of London task and a 2-back task in 13 patients with major depressive disorder and a matched control group. RESULTS: Task performance was impaired in the depressed group on the Tower of London task but there were no differences between the groups in task performance on the n-back task. The patient group showed widespread increased brain activation in both tasks. ..

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