Journal article

Functional connectivity estimation in fMRI data: Influence of preprocessing and time course selection

Maria Gavrilescu, Geoffrey W Stuart, Susan Rossell, Katherine Henshall, Colette McKay, Alex A Sergejew, David Copolov, Gary F Egan



A number of techniques have been used to provide functional connectivity estimates for a given fMRI data set. In this study we compared two methods: a 'rest-like' method where the functional connectivity was estimated for the whitened residuals after regressing out the task-induced effects, and a within-condition method where the functional connectivity was estimated separately for each experimental condition. In both cases four pre-processing strategies were used: 1) time courses extracted from standard pre-processed data (standard); 2) adjusted time courses extracted using the volume of interest routines in SPM2 from standard pre-processed data (spm); 3) time courses extracted from ICA den..

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