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Phase equilibria modelling of kyanite-bearing anatectic paragneisses from the central Grenville Province

A Indares, RW White, R Powell



Kyanite-bearing paragneisses from the Manicouagan Imbricate Zone and its footwall (high-P belt of the central Grenville Province) preserve evidence of partial melting with development of metamorphic textures involving biotite-garnet ± kyanite ± plagioclase ± K-feldspar-quartz. Garnet in these rocks displays a variety of zoning patterns with respect to Ca. Pseudosection modelling in the Na2O-CaO-K2 O-FeO-MgO-Al2O3- SiO2-H2O-TiO2-O (NCKFMASHTO) system using measured bulk rock compositions accounts for the textural evolution of two aluminous and two sub-aluminous samples from the presumed thermal peak to conditions at which retained melt solidified. The prograde features are best explained by p..

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University of Melbourne Researchers


Funding Acknowledgements

The research was undertaken while AI was on sabbatical leave at the University of Melbourne and was financially supported by an NSERC discovery grant to AI; RP acknowledges the support of ARC DP04517760; RWW and RP acknowledge the support of ARC DP0557013. M. Shaffer (INCO Center, Memorial University) produced the SEM textural maps and the modal analyses. An earlier version of the manuscript benefited constructive comments by D. Pattison and by an anonymous reviewer. M. Brown is thanked for the editorial handling of the manuscript.