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Charnock dynamics: a model for the velocity structure in the wave boundary layer of the air-sea interface

John AT Bye, Joerg-Olaf Wolff



We present a unified model of the air-sea boundary layer, which takes account of the air-sea momentum exchange across the sea surface. The recognition of the importance of the velocity shears in the water (which comprise a frictional shear and the Stokes shear due to the wave motion) in determining the sea surface roughness is a distinctive feature of the analysis, which leads to a prediction of the Charnock constant (α) in terms of two independent parameters, namely the wave age and the ratio of the Stokes shear to the Eulerian shear in the water. This expression is used to interpret the large observational variability of the Charnock constant. The 10-m drag coefficient can also be expresse..

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