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Interpretation of qualitative and quantitative information for project reviews: A fuzzy-based approach for OGC ™ gateway review (GR) colour code system (CCS)

M Xu, C Duffield, N Pelham

EASEC-11 - Eleventh East Asia-Pacific Conference on Structural Engineering and Construction | Department of Civil Engineering, National Taiwan University | Published : 2008


Independent project reviews are gaining popularity as a technique to improve project outcomes through the timely identification of outstanding project risks. A common technique is that of a Gateway. The Gateway Review Process (GRP) appraises qualitative and quantitative risks and reports the findings via a Colour Code System (CCS) of Red/Amber/Green (R/A/G). Medium to high risk projects that exceed certain risk thresholds are eligible for GRP. Intuitive recognition of potential risks from the application of CCS is insufficient to determine the value gained from the process. This paper attempts to shed light on a tentative effort to interpret the CCS into numerical descriptions by using fuzzy..

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