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Habitual physical activity is a meaningful predictor of well-being in mid-life women: a longitudinal analysis

Y Netz, S Zach, JR Taffe, J Guthrie, L Dennerstein



OBJECTIVES: To examine whether physical-activity patterns over a period of 4 years are associated with well-being. DESIGN: A sample of 399 women aged 50-60 years participated in the study. Measures included rate of physical activity and other life style behaviors, well-being, health status, and interpersonal stress. Sufficient and insufficient exercisers were identified, and the association of this dichotomy with well-being, along with the contribution of the other variables, was examined. RESULTS: The distribution of physical-activity patterns remained stable over the 4 years of the study, with 40% of the women exercising leisurely and 15-20% exercising vigorously four to seven times a week..

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