Journal article

Evaluation of ISCOMATRIX (TM) and ISCOM (TM) vaccines for immunisation against Helicobacter pylori

Caroline D Skene, Christopher Doidge, Philip Sutton

VACCINE | ELSEVIER SCI LTD | Published : 2008


An important obstacle to development of an effective vaccine against Helicobacter pylori is the lack of a suitable adjuvant. This study evaluated the effectiveness of ISCOMATRIX and ISCOM vaccines at inducing protective immunity against H. pylori in mice. Immunisation with ISCOMATRIX and ISCOM vaccines resulted in a reduction in H. pylori colonisation equivalent to that induced by the gold standard cholera toxin (CT) adjuvant. Protection was induced in two mouse backgrounds, using two different bacterial antigens and following vaccine delivery via either the intranasal or subcutaneous route. This supports the potential of ISCOMATRIX and ISCOM technologies in H. pylori vaccine development.