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Immune response to allergens in sheep sensitized to house dust mite

Robert J Bischof, Ken J Snibson, Joanne Van Der Velden, Els NT Meeusen



BACKGROUND: House dust mite (HDM) allergens are a major cause of allergic asthma. Most studies using animal models of allergic asthma have used rodents sensitized with the 'un-natural' allergen ovalbumin. It has only recently been recognized that the use of animal models based on HDM provide a more relevant insight into the allergen-induced mechanisms that underpin human allergic disease. We have previously described a sheep model of human allergic asthma that uses Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus HDM. The present study extends our understanding of the immune effects of HDM and the allergens Der p 1 and Der p 2 in the sheep model of asthma. METHODS: Peripheral blood sera from non-sensitized (c..

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