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Development of satellite glia in mouse sympathetic ganglia: Gdnf and Gfr alpha 1 are not essential

Thomas Callahan, Heather M Young, Richard B Anderson, Hideki Enomoto, Colin R Anderson

GLIA | WILEY-LISS | Published : 2008


The phenotypic development of satellite cells in mouse sympathetic ganglia was examined by localizing the transcription factors, Sox10 and Phox2b, the neuronal marker, tyrosine hydroxylase (TH), and brain-derived fatty acid binding protein (B-FABP), which identifies glial precursors and mature glia. In E10.5 mice, most cells in the sympathetic chain expressed both Sox10 and Phox2b, with a minority of cells expressing Sox10 only or Phox2b only. In E11.5 mice, the majority of cells expressed Sox10 only or Phox2b only. B-FABP was colocalized with Sox10 in satellite glial precursors, which were located on the periphery of the ganglion. There was no overlap between B-FABP and Phox2b or B-FABP and..

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