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Bulk ultrafine and nanostructured materials from consolidation of particles by back pressure equal channel angular pressing

K Xia, W Xu, X Wu, S Goussous, Y Estrin (ed.), HJ Maier (ed.)

Materials Science Forum | TRANS TECH PUBLICATIONS LTD | Published : 2008


Severe plastic deformation (SPD) has received considerable attention for its capability to produce ultrafine and nano structured materials. On the one hand, SPD, especially in the forms of equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) and high pressure torsion (HPT) is able to refine bulk materials with coarse grain structures. On the other hand, SPD has been used to synthesise bulk materials from particles. It enables particles from nano to micro scales to be consolidated into fully dense materials at much lower temperatures and shorter times, compared to the conventional sintering processing. It is particularly relevant to consolidating particles with non-equilibrium micro structures and to produc..

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