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MAC-awake of sevoflurane in children

Andrew J Davidson, Aaron Wong, Graham Knottenbelt, Suzette Sheppard, Susan Donath, Geoff Frawley



INTRODUCTION: Age influences the potency of anesthetic agents, but there is little information on how age influences MAC-awake. MAC-awake may be an important aspect of anesthesia potency for the prevention of awareness during anesthesia. The aim of this study was to measure MAC-awake in a range of ages in children. METHODS: After institutional ethics approval and informed parental consent 60 children were enrolled; 20 in each of three age groups (2 to <5, 5 to <8 and 8-12 years). Children were excluded if they had opioids, sedative premedication or a procedure likely to cause any residual discomfort. All children had sevoflurane anesthesia. At the end of the procedure the sevoflurane was dec..

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