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Predictive factors for successful sacral nerve stimulation in the treatment of faecal incontinence: a 10-year cohort analysis

TC Dudding, D Pares, CJ Vaizey, MA Kamm



OBJECTIVE: Sacral nerve stimulation (SNS) is an established treatment for faecal incontinence. We aimed to identify specific factors that could predict the outcome of temporary and permanent stimulation. METHOD: A cohort analysis was performed to identify potential predictive factors in 81 patients who underwent temporary SNS at a single institution over a 10-year period (June 1996 to June 2006). Data were obtained from prospectively collected patient symptom diaries and quality of life questionnaires, operation reports, anorectal physiological studies, endoanal ultrasound images and radiology of lead placement. RESULTS: Clinical outcome of temporary screening was not affected by patient gen..

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