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Are Retinal Microvascular Caliber Changes Associated with Severity of Coronary Artery Disease in Symptomatic Cardiac Patients?

Andreas Josef Kreis, Thanh Tan Nguyen, Jie Jin Wang, Sophie Rogers, Ali Al-Fiadh, Melanie Freeman, Tien Yin Wong, HM Omar Farouque



OBJECTIVES: Recent population-based studies have shown that retinal vascular caliber may predict the risk of clinical coronary artery disease (CAD) events. Whether this association is related to macro- or microvascular mechanisms remains unknown. We investigated the relationship of retinal vascular caliber with severity and extent of CAD in symptomatic cardiac patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Overall, 98 patients attending diagnostic coronary angiography were recruited. Coronary angiography was used to assess for the severity and extent of CAD. Digital retinal photography was performed immediately prior to cardiac catheterization, and retinal vascular caliber was measured from these photogra..

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