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Clinical studies on molar-incisor-hypomineralisation part 1: distribution and putative associations.

N Chawla, LB Messer, M Silva

Eur Arch Paediatr Dent | Published : 2008


AIM: This was to describe the distributions of affected first permanent molars (FPMs) in a sample of children with molarincisor- hypomineralisation (MIH) and molar hypomineralisation (MH), and to examine their perinatal and medical histories for putative associations with molar hypomineralisation. STUDY DESIGN: A sample of 416 children aged 6-14 years with MIH or MH was identified from a specialist paediatric dental practice in Melbourne, Australia. METHODS: A questionnaire regarding perinatal and medical histories was sent to their parents/guardians; 182 (44%) useable questionnaires were returned and the dental records of these children were reviewed. RESULTS: The 182 dentitions were distri..

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