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Simultaneous pulmonary trunk and pulmonary arterial wave intensity analysis in fetal lambs: evidence for cyclical, midsystolic pulmonary vasoconstriction

Joseph J Smolich, Jonathan P Mynard, Daniel J Penny

American Journal of Physiology - Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology | American Physiological Society | Published : 2008


The physiological basis of a characteristically low blood flow to the fetal lungs is incompletely understood. To determine the potential role of pulmonary vascular interaction in this phenomenon, simultaneous wave intensity analysis (WIA) was performed in the pulmonary trunk (PT) and left pulmonary artery (LPA) of 10 anesthetized late-gestation fetal sheep instrumented with PT and LPA micromanometer catheters to measure pressure (P) and transit-time flow probes to obtain blood velocity ( U). Studies were performed at rest and during brief complete occlusion of the ductus arteriosus to augment pulmonary vasoconstriction ( n = 4) or main pulmonary artery to abolish wave transmission from the l..

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