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Archived Guthrie blood spots as a novel source for quantitative DNA methylation analysis

Nicholas C Wong, Ruth Morley, Richard Saffery, Jeffrey M Craig



Sodium bisulfite treatment followed by PCR and DNA sequencing is widely considered the gold standard for the analysis of DNA methylation patterns. However, this technique generally requires substantial quantities of genomic DNA as starting material and is often associated with degradation of DNA. Here, we assess the feasibility of performing bisulfite sequencing on DNA isolated from 3-mm diameter punches of dried blood Guthrie spots. We demonstrate that it is possible to perform bisulfite sequencing from both freshly prepared and archived dried blood spots, using a combination of high purity DNA extraction and efficient bisulfite conversion. With the number of new technologies available for ..

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Funding Acknowledgements

N.C.W is supported by the Phillip Desbrow Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Leukaemia Foundation of Australia. J.M.C. and R.S. are both R.D. Wright Research Fellows of the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) of Australia.