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Muscarinic receptors: do they have a role in the pathology and treatment of schizophrenia?

Elizabeth Scarr, Brian Dean



The high affinity of antipsychotic drugs for the dopamine D2 receptor focused attention onto the role of these receptors in the genesis of psychoses and the pathology of schizophrenia. However, psychotic symptoms are only one aspect of the complex symptom profile associated with schizophrenia. Therefore, research continues into other neurochemical systems and their potential roles in key features associated with schizophrenia. Modulating the cholinergic system in attempts to treat schizophrenia predates specific neurochemical hypotheses of the disorder. Cholinergic modulation has progressed from the use of coma therapy, through the use of anti-cholinergic drugs to control side-effects of old..

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Awarded by Australian Rotary Health

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Funding Acknowledgements

Elizabeth Scarr is the Royce Abbey Postdoctoral Research Fellow, funded by Australian Rotary Health and Brian Dean is a NH&MRC ( Australia) Senior Research Fellow (#400016). This work was supported in part by NHMRC Project Grant #114253, NIMH Grant #MH069691-01A1, The Rebecca L. Cooper Medical Research Foundation.