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A Linear Programming Driven Genetic Algorithm for Meta-Scheduling on Utility Grids

Saurabh Garg, Pramod Konugurthi, Rajkumar Buyya, R Thulasiram (ed.)

Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communications | IEEE | Published : 2008


The user-level brokers in grids consider individual application QoS requirements and minimize their cost without considering demands from other users. This results in contention for resources and sub-optimal schedules. Meta-scheduling in grids aims to address this scheduling problem, which is NP hard due to its combinatorial nature. Thus, many heuristic-based solutions using Genetic Algorithm (GA) have been proposed, apart from traditional algorithms such as Greedy and FCFS. We propose a Linear Programming/Integer Programming model (LP/IP) for scheduling these applications to multiple resources. We also propose a novel algorithm LPGA (Linear programming driven Genetic Algorithm) which combin..

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