Book Chapter

Roo town slow down: a community-based kangaroo management plan for Anglesea,Victoria

Danielle Inwood, Helen Catanchin, Graeme Coulson

Australian Zoologist | ROYAL ZOOLOGICAL SOC NEW SOUTH WALES | Published : 2008


The town of Anglesea on the west coast of Victoria is famous for its Eastern Grey Kangaroos. However, conflicts have increased between people and kangaroos in the town. Many concerns are centred on the golf course, which can support a population of over 300 kangaroos at times. Road-kills of kangaroos are a major issue for residents, and have apparently increased over the last decade. Residents share a number of other concerns about kangaroos, and are interested in understanding more about them. These issues are being addressed by the development of a community-based kangaroo management program, which may become a blueprint for living with kangaroos in urban areas of Australia.

University of Melbourne Researchers