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Melanocortin 1 receptor genotype, past environmental sun exposure, and risk of multiple sclerosis

T Dwyer, I van der Mei, A-L Ponsonby, BV Taylor, J Stankovich, JD McKay, RJ Thomson, AM Polanowski, JL Dickinson



OBJECTIVE: Low past sun exposure, fair skin type, and polymorphisms of the MC1R gene have been associated with multiple sclerosis (MS) risk. We aimed to investigate the interplay between melanocortin 1 receptor gene variants, red hair/fair skin phenotype, and past environmental sun exposure in MS. METHODS: Population-based case-control study in Tasmania, Australia, involving 136 cases with MS and 272 controls randomly drawn from the community and matched on sex and year of birth. Measures included past sun exposure by calendar and questionnaire, spectrophotometric skin type, and MC1R genotype, with any MC1R Arg151Cys, Arg160Trp, or Asp294His alleles present denoted as red hair color (RHC) va..

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