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ZNF397, a new class of interphase to early prophase-specific, SCAN-zinc-finger, mammalian centromere protein

SL Bailey, SC Chang, B Griffiths, AN Graham, R Saffery, E Earle, KHA Choo, P Kalitsis

CHROMOSOMA | SPRINGER | Published : 2008


The centromere is a complex structure required for equal segregation of newly synthesised sister chromatids at mitosis. One of the significant objectives in centromere research is to determine the complete repertoire of protein components that constitute the kinetochore. Here, we identify a novel centromere protein using a centromere-positive autoimmune serum from a patient with watermelon stomach disease. Western blot and screening of a lambda phage expression library revealed a 60-kDa protein, ZNF397. This protein belongs to the classical Cys(2)His(2) group of the zinc-finger protein superfamily and contains two conserved domains: a leucine-rich SCAN domain and nine Cys(2)His(2) zinc finge..

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