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Embracing Movement and Stock Structure for Assessment of Galeorhinus Galeus Harvested off Southern Australia

TI Walker, BL Taylor, LP Brown, AE Punt

Sharks of the Open Ocean: Biology, Fisheries and Conservation | Published : 2009


Galeorhinus galeus - the school or soupfin shark - is a long-lived, low-productivity species in the family Triakidae that undertakes extensive movements and exhibits complex stock structure. While this widely distributed, temperate-water species is usually characterized as a coastal bentho-pelagic species, it also occurs well off the continental shelf and behaves as an oceanic-pelagic species. Experience with stock assessment of the species off southern Australia has demonstrated that the application of spatially aggregated models can lead to highly uncertain results, despite the availability of catch data covering the 70-year history of the fishery, catch per unit effort data for part of th..

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