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Acacia s.s. and its Relationship Among Tropical Legumes, Tribe Ingeae (Leguminosae: Mimosoideae)

Gillian K Brown, Daniel J Murphy, Joseph T Miller, Pauline Y Ladiges



To search for the sister taxon of Acacia s.s. (tribe Acacieae) and to further knowledge of the phylogeny of the related tribe Ingeae, we have sequenced two regions of nuclear ribosomal DNA (ITS and ETS). Sixty species from tribe Ingeae (26 genera), together with representatives from each of five lineages of tribe Acacieae, have been sampled. Ingeae and Acacia s.s. form a well supported clade, with a monophyletic Acacia s.s. nested within a paraphyletic Ingeae. Based on our sampling, the closest relative of Acacia s.s. is most likely one of the Australian species of the genus Paraserianthes s.l.: Paras. lophantha subsp. lophantha or Paras. toona. Related to Acacia s.s. and Paraserianthes s.l...

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Awarded by National Science Foundation

Awarded by Australian Research Council Linkage

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors thank Stuart Gardner who assisted in laboratory work, and Michael Bayly for help in identifying pseudogenes of the ITS region. Toby Pennington and James Richardson assisted with information on ITS sequences of Ingo. The following people and institutions are thanked for access to material for this study: David Seigler; AAU; BRI; CANB; MEL; MELU; Sita Ariati and Kebun Raya Bogor, Indonesia. JTM acknowledges DEB-0414902 from the National Science Foundation. Funding was provided by Australian Research Council Linkage Grant numbers LP0347206 and LP0669625.