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Leaf osmotic potential of Eucalyptus hybrids responds differently to freezing and drought, with little clonal variation

Andrew N Callister, Stefan K Arndt, Peter K Ades, Andrew Merchant, Douglas Rowell, Mark A Adams

Tree Physiology | HERON PUBLISHING | Published : 2008


Concentrations of solutes, and thus leaf osmotic potential (Psi pi), often increase when plants are subject to drought or sub-zero (frost) temperatures. We measured Psi pi and concentrations of individual solutes in leaves of 3-year-old Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehn., E. globulus Labill., E. grandis W. Hill ex Maid. and 29 hybrid clones on a site subjected to both summer drought and winter frost. We sought to characterize seasonal and genetic variations in Psi pi and to determine whether Psi pi or leaf turgor is related to bole volume increment. Leaf osmotic potential at full turgor (Psi pi(100)) was 0.7 MPa more negative in winter than in late summer, and this trend was uniform across genot..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We thank Saltgrow Pty., fall Coothes and Ray Borschmann for access to the Field trial. AC was funded by the University of Melbourne and Department of Primary Industries, Victoria through a Nancy Millis Scholarship. The field assistance of Johanna Rudelle and Gregoire Sigel is gratefully acknowledged.