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Impacts of experimental warming and fire on phenology of subalpine open-heath species

Frith C Jarrad, Carl-Henrik Wahren, Richard J Williams, Mark A Burgman



The present study examined experimentally the phenological responses of a range of plant species to rises in temperature. We used the climate-change field protocol of the International Tundra Experiment (ITEX), which measures plant responses to warming of 1 to 2°C inside small open-topped chambers. The field study was established on the Bogong High Plains, Australia, in subalpine open heathlands; the most common treeless plant community on the Bogong High Plains. The study included areas burnt by fire in 2003, and therefore considers the interactive effects of warming and fire, which have rarely been studied in high mountain environments. From November 2003 to March 2006, various phenologica..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council Linkage

Funding Acknowledgements

This research was funded through an Australian Research Council Linkage Grant (LP0348897), the Department of Sustainability and Environment, Parks Victoria, CSIRO, ESLink Services Pty Ltd, and Mt Hotham Resort Management. We would like to thank Carolyn Blomley, Cherie Campbell, Deborah Cargill, Seraphena Cutler, Katherine Giljohann, Lauren Kiem, Danielle Ryan, Paul Smart, Clare Warren and Emma Warren and for their assistance in collecting. eld data. Thanks also go to Warwick Papst for his role in facilitating the ITEX project, and to reviewers for comments on this manuscript.