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Effects of calcium on nickel tolerance and accumulation in Alyssum species and cabbage grown in nutrient solution

Rufus L Chaney, Kuang-Yu Chen, Yin-Ming Li, J Scott Angle, Alan JM Baker

PLANT AND SOIL | SPRINGER | Published : 2008


Nickel (Ni) phytoextraction using hyperaccumulator plant species to accumulate Ni from mineralized and contaminated soils rich in Ni is undergoing commercial development. Serpentinite derived soils have a very low ratio of Ca/Mg among soils due the nature of the parent rock. In crop plants, soil Ca reduces Ni uptake and phytotoxicity, so it is possible that the low Ca of serpentine soils could limit hyperaccumulator plant tolerance of serpentine soils used for commercial phytomining. In this study, we investigated the effects of varied Ca concentration in the presence of high Mg characteristic of serpentine soils on Ni uptake and tolerance by serpentine-endemic species Alyssum murale Waldst...

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