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Smaller aortic dimensions do not fully account for the greater pulse pressure in elderly female hypertensives

Anthony M Dart, Bronwyn A Kingwell, Christoph D Gatzka, Kristyn Willson, Yu-Lu Liang, Karen L Berry, Lindon MH Wing, Christopher M Reid, Philip Ryan, Lawrence J Beilin, Garry LR Jennings, Colin I Johnston, John J McNeil, Graham J MacDonald, Trefor O Morgan, Malcolm J West, James D Cameron



This study examined the importance of aortic dimensions in determining pulse pressure in elderly hypertensives participating in the 2nd Australian National Blood Pressure Study, including a substantial number not previously receiving blood pressure lowering medication. Aortic dimensions were determined by ultrasound at the transverse arch and at the insertion of the aortic valve. Unadjusted data showed negative (P<0.001) correlations between central (carotid) and (brachial) peripheral pulse pressure and both arch (-0.200, -0.181) and outflow tract (-0.238, -0.238) diameters. Correlations were similar in those previously treated with blood pressure lowering medication and in the treatment naï..

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