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Genetic and phenotypic parameters of lactations longer than 305 days (extended lactations)

M Haile-Mariam, ME Goddard



Test-day milk yield and somatic cell count data over extended lactation (lactation to 540-600 days) were analysed considering part lactations as different traits and fitting random regression (RR) models. Data on Australian Jersey and Holstein Friesian (HF) were used to demonstrate the shape of the lactation curve and data on HF were used for genetic study. Test-day data from about 100 000 cows that calved between 1998 and 2005 were used for this study. In all analyses, a sire model was used.When part lactations were considered as different traits, protein yield early in the lactation (e.g. first 2 months) had a genetic correlation of about 0.8 with protein yield produced after 300 days of l..

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