Journal article

Use of gene expression data for predicting continuous phenotypes for animal production and breeding

N Robinson, M Goddard, B Hayes

Animal | CAMBRIDGE UNIV PRESS | Published : 2008


Traits such as disease resistance are costly to evaluate and slow to improve using current methods. Analysis of gene expression profiles (e.g. DNA microarrays) has potential for predicting such phenotypes and has been used in an analogous way to classify cancer types in human patients. However, doubts have been raised regarding the use of classification methods with microarray data for this purpose. Here we propose a method using random regression with cross validation, which accounts for the distribution of variation in the trait and utilises different subsets of patients or animals to perform a complete validation of predictive ability. Published breast tumour data were used to test the me..

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Awarded by EU Commission

Awarded by Norwegian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

This research was supported by EU Commission (Project no. 0022665), Norwegian Research Council (Projects no. 172152 and 173490) and AKVAFORSK. Thanks to Phil Bowman and Klara Verbyla who assisted with UNIX and R troubleshooting. Thanks also to Sander de Roos who provided helpful advice and criticism on the manuscript.