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How reliable is perfusion MR in acute stroke? Validation and determination of the penumbra threshold against quantitative PET

Masashi Takasawa, P Simon Jones, Joseph V Guadagno, Soren Christensen, Tim D Fryer, Sally Harding, Jonathan H Gillard, Guy B Williams, Franklin I Aigbirhio, Elizabeth A Warburton, Leif Ostergaard, Jean-Claude Baron



BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Perfusion magnetic resonance imaging (pMR) is increasingly used in acute stroke, but its physiologic significance is still debated. A reasonably good correlation between pMR and positron emission tomography (PET) has been reported in normal subjects and chronic cerebrovascular disease, but corresponding validation in acute stroke is still lacking. METHODS: We compared the cerebral blood flow (CBF), cerebral blood volume, and mean transit time (MTT) maps generated by pMR (deconvolution method) and PET ((15)O steady-state method) in 5 patients studied back-to-back with the 2 modalities at a mean of 16 hours (range, 7 to 21 hours) after stroke onset. We also determined t..

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