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Brain Allopregnanolone in the Fetal and Postnatal Rat in Response to Uteroplacental Insufficiency

Kerryn T Westcott, Jonathan J Hirst, Isabella Ciurej, David W Walker, Mary E Wlodek



BACKGROUND/AIMS: Allopregnanolone suppresses central nervous system activity and has neuroprotective actions in hypoxia-induced brain injury. In pregnant sheep allopregnanolone concentrations are high during fetal life and decline rapidly after birth. We investigated brain allopregnanolone concentrations of fetal and postnatal rats derived from normal and growth restricted pregnancies. METHODS: Bilateral uterine vessel ligation (or sham) was performed at gestation day 18 to induce uteroplacental insufficiency in WKY rats (n = 7-8 per group). Brain allopregnanolone was measured by radioimmunoassay at 2 study ages, gestation day 20 (n = 6 per group) and postnatal day 6 (n = 6-8 per group), fro..

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