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Uteroplacental insufficiency alters the mammary gland response to lactogenic hormones in vitro

Rachael O'Dowd, Mary E Wlodek, Kevin R Nicholas

Reproduction, Fertility and Development | CSIRO PUBLISHING | Published : 2008


Adequate mammary development and coordinated actions of lactogenic hormones are essential for the initiation of lactation. Pregnancies compromised by uteroplacental insufficiency impair mammary development and lactation, further slowing postnatal growth. It is not known whether the initiation of lactation or galactopoesis is compromised. Uteroplacental insufficiency induced in rats by bilateral uterine vessel ligation (Restricted) or sham surgery (Control) on Day 18 of gestation preceded collection of mammary tissue on Day 20 of pregnancy. Mammary explants were cultured with combinations of insulin, cortisol and prolactin and analysed for alpha-lactalbumin and beta-casein gene expression. Ma..

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