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Distribution of cells expressing human renin-promoter activity in the brain of a transgenic mouse

AM Allen, EL O'Callaghan, L Hazelwood, S Germain, H Castrop, J Schnermann, JK Bassi

BRAIN RESEARCH | ELSEVIER | Published : 2008


Renin plays a critical role in fluid and electrolyte homeostasis by cleaving angiotensinogen to produce Ang peptides. Whilst it has been demonstrated that renin mRNA is expressed in the brain, the distribution of cells responsible for this expression remains uncertain. We have used a transgenic mouse approach in an attempt to address this question. A transgenic mouse, in which a 12.2 kb fragment of the human renin promoter was used to drive expression of Cre-recombinase, was crossed with the ROSA26-lac Z reporter mouse strain. Cre-recombinase mediated excision of the floxed stop cassette resulted in expression of the reporter protein, beta-galactosidase. This study describes the distribution..

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