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Phosphorus and nitrogen exports from SE Australian forests following wildfire

Patrick NJ Lane, Gary J Sheridan, Philip J Noske, Christopher B Sherwin



Following a wildfire in south-eastern Australia that burnt over 1 million hectares of forested land in early 2003, two former research catchments (136 and 244 ha), in the East Kiewa valley, Victoria, were re-instrumented. Discharge, suspended sediment, bedload and nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) were measured for 3 years post-fire. The nutrient data consisted of 15-min estimation of particulate P and total Kjeldahl N via a regression with turbidity, and dissolved forms of P and N estimated from over 1100 water samples. The regression-based estimation allowed rigorous estimation of errors, seldom reported in water quality data. The fire appears to have increased the total P and N exports by a..

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Awarded by Land and Water Australia

Funding Acknowledgements

This study was funded by the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment, and Land and Water Australia Project DSE-1. The authors would like to thank John Costenaro for tireless sample collection and field support, Gabi Szegedy for sample collation and preparation, Matt Lee and Najib Ahmady for laboratory analyses, and Phill McKenna for field and laboratory support.