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Anti-Gal antibody-mediated skin graft rejection requires a threshold level of Gal expression

Lisa Murray-Segal, Hilton Gock, Peter J Cowan, Anthony JF d'Apice



BACKGROUND: Despite overcoming xenograft hyperacute rejection (HAR), Gal (galactose-alpha1,3-galactose) expression may not be completely eliminated from the alpha1,3-galactosyltransferase gene knockout (Gal KO) pig because of alternative galactosyltransferases. Whether low levels of "residual" Gal are still susceptible to either complement fixing or non-complement fixing antibody beyond the HAR barrier remains unknown. Furthermore, it would be impossible to analyze the immune response specific to low-level Gal in a xenograft setting given the multitude of xenoantigens that could induce a recipient response. To investigate this question, we therefore used a skin graft model in BALB/c mice whe..

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