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Do Directed Cough Maneuvers Improve Cough Effectiveness in the Early Period After Open Heart Surgery? Effect of Thoracic Support and Maximal Inspiration on Cough Peak Expiratory Flow, Cough Expiratory Volume, and Thoracic Pain

Julio F Fiore, Luciana D Chiavegato, Linda Denehy, Denise M Paisani, Sonia M Faresin



BACKGROUND: Directed cough maneuvers are often included in physiotherapy management aimed at preventing postoperative pulmonary complications after open heart surgery, but there is little scientific evidence of the effectiveness of directed cough maneuvers. METHODS: We conducted a randomized intra-subject crossover trial to evaluate the effect of thoracic support (patient holds his or her hands over the incision) and maximal inspiration on cough peak expiratory flow (CPEF), cough expiratory volume (CEV), and incision pain during cough in the early period after open heart surgery. Cough evaluation was undertaken on the first and second morning after surgery. On both measurement days the subje..

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