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Profiling postprandial thermogenesis in muscle and fat of sheep and the central effect of leptin administration

Belinda A Henry, Frank R Dunshea, Merryn Gould, Iain J Clarke



Brown adipose tissue thermogenesis is an important component of energy expenditure as exemplified in rodents. Other tissues such as white adipose tissue and muscle are also capable of thermogenesis, but regulation of heat production in these tissues is poorly understood. We used a relatively large animal model, the ovariectomized sheep, in which site-specific temperature measurements were made as an index of thermogenic output. Dataloggers were implanted into the retroperitoneal (visceral) fat, gluteal (sc) fat, and skeletal muscle of the hind limb, and were programmed to record temperature every 15 min. Animals (n = 4) were then placed on a feeding schedule (fed between 1100 and 1600 h) to ..

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